Evolve, your partner in sustainable transition

In response to the many challenges posed by climate change, 4 impact-driven organisations have decided to join forces to support businesses and public authorities in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

These 4 partners are among the pioneers of the transition in Belgium, combining technical and strategic expertise in the fields of energy, resource management, biodiversity and mobility... 

In 2023, it is under the name Evolve that these 4 partners want to showcase their innovative partnership, with the aim of making a real impact on the organisations they work with.

About us

Evolve is an alliance between 4 partners specializing in sustainability and field actions.

environmental transition

Circular economy
Resource diagnosis

Agricultural and industrial pollution

Urban logistics
Soft mobility

How do you translate your environmental strategy into action on the field?

How do you develop an environmental strategy while ensuring that it is implemented?

Any strategy is built taking into account the current situation. These constraints external to the organization will serve as a spearhead for the definition of strategic orientations and actions to be implemented.

By bringing the 4 offices together under Evolve, you benefit directly from an integrated offering to help your company or public institution move towards greater sustainability.

Evolve supports you

Whether you're a company with more than 100 employees or a public service, Evolve is committed to working with you to deliver a phased transition plan that combines a range of expertise to ensure maximum impact.

For companies

How to comply with new regulations and reporting obligations?

What are the opportunities for adaptation and resilience?

How can the economic activity you carry out contribute to the preservation of the environment?

For public services

Are you looking for help implementing sustainable and resilient strategies?

Do you want to establish environmental objectives and translate them into operational actions?

Are you short of the awareness-raising tools you need to speed up the transition?

The founders

We do everything we can to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure by providing a comprehensive service offering combining technical and strategic expertise.

Sébastien Yasse

Deplasse & Associés
We support companies in their transition to more resilient business models that are compatible with the challenges facing society and the environment.

Emmanuel Mossay

We are developing low-carbon urban logistics projects and we want to support companies in their sustainable mobility projects​

Renaud Sarrazin

We develop strategies, projects and solutions for the preservation and regeneration of biodiversity in order to create economic and societal value for businesses and public authorities.

Michael Van Cutsem



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Please note, Evolve is entirely geared towards organizations, not individuals.

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